The Language of
the Heart

The language of the heart can transcend oceans, cultures, and native tongues. It can bring together people separated by thousands of miles on different continents who seem, on the face of it, vastly different. Kimoyo is an understanding built, not with words, but through caring and kindness and the kinship of all humanity. Kimoyo is two communities, one in a mountain valley in Virginia, the other on the semi-arid plains of Ghana.


Kimoyo LTD. is a 501(c)3 corporation founded in 1998. Born from a faith-based partnership between two Roanoke, Virginia churches, Kimoyo spreads the language of heart over two communities. Kimoyo, LTD. is financed through Kimoyo events and individual and corporate contributions.

Our mission

The mission of Kimoyo, LTD. is to create an appreciation within the Roanoke Valley of cultural diversity through after-school educational programs and to establish international partnerships for self-empowerment that address health and economic issues.

Our Vision

The vision of Kimoyo LTD. is Equipping Women Today; Changing Communities Forever. After 20 years in the field we understand that women and their care of children will be the driving force for change at the local levels. They want a better life for their children and they will focus on education and health to make that happen.

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