Kimoyo’s micro-loan program administrated through African Turning Point Foundation has proved to be a powerful change agent in the lives of the women of Zebilla and surrounding villages. Through these loans of $100 to $300, open-air retail outlets selling fried guinea fowl, grinders of corn and millet, hairdressers, soap makers and many more adventures have opened and become sustainable businesses producing livelihoods for women and their children. Income from these livelihoods provide health insurance for the kids, medicine for their families, school fees for education, food on the table, shoes, and clothes and most importantly hope for the future.

The self-esteem and empowerment that has developed over the last few years is tangible and the growth of the women working together creates a different sense of community and progress.

A recent grant is opening the door for a group of women from the village to open a bakery for bread and pastries. The women pay back the loans with interest and that keeps broadening the pool for other women to receive a loan.

The cooperative work strengthens the community, empowers the women, serves as an important role model for the children and encourages women to make decisions that affect their future.

Recently, Totally Baked Bread and Pastry Shop opened in Zebilla. The women attended a training session and baked their first batch of bread to be sold in the village.