Soccer Literacy Program

Traditionally in Africa, young girls leave school between 12 and 15 to join their mothers and sisters in gathering water from locations a mile to 3 miles away, working in the fields to raise food for the family and assisting their mothers with small businesses in the markets. Girls still lag far behind the boys in education and opportunities outside the village. The business language in Ghana is English and it is essential to be adept in English if you are going to be successful in other job opportunities.


Kimoyo LTD. started the first girls’ soccer literacy education program in the village of Binaba in 2011 with 15 students. Today, 120 middle school girls participate in the villages of Azuwera, Binaba, Kamega and Lamboya with 30 students in each location. They are instructed in English, Math, Science and IT training, given a healthy meal and then receive an hour in soccer instruction.

The healthy meal is often the only meal they eat that day. In the fall of 2019 our program will add two more villages and we will be working with 180 young girls as they see the impact of this program on the lives of their sisters and friends; an impact that empowers these students to hope for a better future.