In 2004, Kimoyo in partnership with the African Turning Point Foundation (our sister NGO in Ghana) opened The Na’aba Akparibilla Medical Centre (named after the Chief of Zebilla). Malaria is prevalent and attacks all ages, but it remains the most dangerous and greatest killer of children 5 and under. We are seeing a steady increase of HIV/AIDS, pulmonary infections and Typhoid Fever. Whenever the rains stay too long in one place, cholera develops and spreads.

The need for pre and postnatal care is great and education on immunizations and parasitic infections makes a difference between life and death. The NAMC will never turn anyone away for lack of insurance or money. The NAMC is known for its hands-on care, patience to explain sometimes through 3 interpreters what the patient’s problem is and how to take the prescribed medicines. The Chief doctor is a family trained physician and surgeon with a staff of 13 who evaluates and treats 600 to 1,000 patients monthly. The majority of patients are mothers and children…the least respected within that society. And our hopes and dreams include an x-ray facility, a fully functional and equipped lab and rotational visits of doctors and healthcare workers from the US who want to experience the treatment of tropical diseases and bring their expertise to help this community. Recently a young child was taken to the government hospital but was denied treatment because the mother did not have 10 cedis ($2.22) for entrance. The woman ran to the village to borrow the amount and the child died in the process. We do not reject any patient due to inability to pay.

Our medical education programs in the surrounding villages include classes in netting to prevent mosquito bites, hygiene and sanitation classes, small groups focused on managing blood pressure and diabetes and education to destigmatize HIV testing.